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Bill Payment

How does the billing system in Biznet Home service?

Biznet Home is a prepaid service with monthly expiration date (30 days).

How do I see the cost of using Biznet Home services?

We do not send any printed statement to our Customers, we send reminder notification instead to your email to remind you when your subscription is about to expired.

How do I pay for Biznet Home's service
Click here see Biznet Home’s service payment methode

  • Payment Via ATM and ATM Networks using Virtual Account
    You can make payment via ATM and ATM Networks to make payment for Biznet Home registration, monthly fees, additional Set Top Box (STB), accessories, and others.
    Select Virtual Account as the chosen method of payment
    Write down your 16 digit of Virtual Account numbers and amount of your billing.

    BCA Virtual Account via ATM BCA
    Input PIN
    Choose “Other Transaction”
    Choose “Transfer”
    Choose “To BCA Virtual Account”
    Enter 16 digit of the BCA Virtual Account Number
    Then, a confirmation page of the payment appears, if appropriate, choose “Continue”
    *Note: This method is only available for BCA customers and cannot be done via teller.

    Insert PIN
    Choose “Other Transaction”
    Choose “Payment Transaction”
    Choose “Others”
    Choose “Virtual Account Payment”
    Insert 16 digits Permata Virtual Account number
    Press “Yes” for confirmation
    Press account that will be used for payment

    Insert PIN
    Choose “Other Transaction”
    Choose “Transfer”
    Choose “Other Bank ATM Bersama/Link”
    Insert bank code (Bank Permata code “013”)
    Insert total payment (the number must be same as total billing)
    Insert account number (16 digit Virtual Account number)
    Press “Yes”
    Press “Yes” for confirmation

    Choose menu PAYMENT/BUY.
    Input Company Code “895911” (Biznet Prepaid)
    Input Virtual Account Number.
    CONFIRMATION: Press 1 and followed by OK.
    Transaction Done.
    Save the payment receipt.
  • Payment Via Mobile Banking using Virtual Account
    You can pay through Mobile Banking, with the following details:

    Go to BCA Mobile application
    Choose “m-BCA”
    Choose “m-Transfer”
    Choose “Transfer”, then choose “BCA Virtual Account”
    Input 16 digits of BCA Virtual Account number
    Follow the instruction until payment finish.
    *Note: This method is only available for BCA customers

    Insert your User ID and Password, then click ‘Login’ button
    Choose ‘Bill Payment’
    Select the category ‘Virtual Account’
    Pilih rekening yang akan digunakan
    Select the bank account (if customer have more than one bank account)
    Input 16 (sixteen) digit Virtual Account number and total payment
    Click ‘Confirm’ button and automatically you will receive the ‘Challenge Code’
    Insert ‘Challenge Code’, then click ‘Confirm’ button
  • Payment Via Internet Banking

    Go to BCA Klik Individu (
    Type in User ID and login
    Choose menu of “Transfer Dana”
    Choose “Transfer to BCA Virtual Account”
    Choose type of account, Choose “No. Virtual Account”
    Enter 16 digit of the BCA Virtual Account Number
    Choose “Continue”
    Then, a confirmation page of the payment appears, if appropriate, choose “Continue”
    Type in the number generated by your token
    Choose “Send”

    Input User ID and Pin on log in page.
    Choose menu INTERNET → Biznet Prepaid.
    Choose Source of Fund.
    Input Virtual Account Number.
    Press Continue Button.
    Press CONFIRMATION Button.
    Input MPIN Banking then press OK.
    Transaction Done.
  • Payment Method Via Indomaret, Alfamart, Alfamidi, and Lawson
    Customer visit the nearest outlets of Indomaret, Alfamart, Alfamidi, and Lawson with the following information:

    Apply for all customers who want to make monthly payment of new customers.
    Customers to mention Billing Account number to the Cashier.
    Customers must make payment according to the stated amount.
  • Payment Transfer Through Teller
    Transfer through teller can be done through any Bank teller, other than Bank BCA, with the following details:
    Destination Bank: *Bank Permata*
    Account Number Destination: *Customer’s Bank Permata Virtual Account Number*
    Biznet Home: 8993 + 0000 + (Customer ID)
    In Words: *Invoice total amound of funds*
    Beneficiary Name: *Customer’s Name*
    Beneficiary Address: *MIDPLAZA 2 LT.8*
    Message: *Invoice number to be paid*
    – The deposit slip must always be filled with the above data
    – If using Giro / Check, receiver’s name on Giro / Check shall be filled as ‘REGISTERED CUSTOMER NAME’
  • Payment with Go-Tagihan
    – Open GO-JEK application on your gadget.
    – Choose “Go-Tagihan” menu.
    – Choose “TV Kabel & Internet” menu.
    – Enter customer’s Billing Account number.
    – Customer can make payment for the bill using GO-PAY.
    – The service will be extended automatically after payment is done by the customer.
  • Payment with Tokopedia
    – Select Top-up & Tagihan.
    – Select Internet & TV Cable category.
    – Choose Biznet Home from dropdown menu.
    – Input Customer’s Billing Account number.
    – Click “BAYAR”.
    – User will be redirected to checkout page after clicking “BAYAR” button.
    – Make sure the name, number, and billing amount is correct.
    – Click “LANJUT”.
    – After clicking “LANJUT” user will be redirected to payment page.
    – Choose available payment option.
    – Transaction success.
    – User can see their receipt on email or through transaction history
Can I make payment using ATM when I don't have Bank Permata or BCA Account?

Yes, you can. Other than BCA and Permata Bank, bank transfer could be made from other banks at any ATM under Alto, ATM Bersama and Prima’s network or marked with these logos.

Note : The payment of BCA Virtual Account via ATM is only applicable through ATM BCA

Is there a fee for making transactions on the ATM Alto, ATM Bersama or Prima networks?

Yes, the additional charge will be applied for payment throgh Alto, ATM Bersama and Prima’s networks in accordance with each networks’s regulation. Currently, the additional charge for bank transfer is Rp 5.000,-/transaction.

Note : Payment through Bank Permata’s ATM using Bank Permata’s Card is free of charge.

What if the amount transferred does not match the billing amount?

Your payment will be rejected automatically. The amont of money transferred must be exactly the same as stated in the bill.